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Claudia Quintanilla is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Rextie, a Lima-based Fintech startup founded in 2017. During our conversation, we cover what it’s like working with a lean, multi-cultural team, if crypto is in the cards for Rextie, and the double-edged sword that is word of mouth. (This interview was originally recorded in June, 2019 and was finally published here in November, 2022.)

Claudia and I discuss what it’s like to work with Spanish and Argentinian co-founders, how the Rextie story began, and the beauty and challenge of automation

In this enlightening and refreshing interview we discuss:

  • The backgrounds of each co-founder
  • Her history as a computer and systems engineer
  • Mathematics as her favorite subject
  • What can be automated vs. what can’t be automated
  • Taking responsibility for the customer experience
  • Which country Rextie will be expanding into next
  • Why Rextie didn’t expand into a particular market
  • The different kinds of bank accounts that Rextie handles

Claudia and I also cover data-driven decisions, balancing security with convenience in her industry, and the if Rextie will have a future in crypto.

Enjoy this forward-looking and insightful conversation with Claudia.