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Rethinking Leadership

By Peng T. Ong and Andrew P. Rowan Here’s a question for you: what is the purpose of leadership? You’re probably thinking of something like this: the purpose of leadership is to clearly articulate what the mission is and then to help the organization work toward that stated mission. Or maybe you had a completely

Deep Value versus Deep Tech

By Peng T. Ong and Andrew P. Rowan In recent years, there’s been a push for deeper and deeper tech to be developed and deployed by startups. As the joke goes: “All you need is AI and blockchain in your business plan to get funded.” Lately, it seems that entrepreneurs are getting caught up in

A Shared Future for ASEAN and the United States

By Asyura Salleh and Andrew P. Rowan Last month, Southeast Asian and US policy analysts, civil society representatives, private sector operators, and entrepreneurs gathered in Jakarta during the US-ASEAN Partnership Forum to discuss challenges to US-ASEAN relations, and to propose innovative solutions for the future of the region. The forum, a Track II event, was

Starting up in Northern Perú

By Andrew P. Rowan Recently, I returned to Lima, Perú’s capital, after spending two weeks in Piura, a city in northern Perú. Piura is almost an hour-and-a-half plane ride from Lima and it’s located approximately 100 kilometers from the border with Ecuador. Today, Piura is still recovering from a massive flood that the city experienced

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