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Thao P. Nguyen is a graduate of the Hanoi Amsterdam High School in Hanoi, where she is from.

After living in Massachusetts for four years and graduating from Clark University, Thao worked at Indiegogo in New York City for two years before returning to Vietnam.

In this wide-ranging interview we discuss:

  • What it was like to develop her identity away from the traditional and typical Vietnamese social pressures
  • How she reoriented the relationship with herself
  • The major cultural differences between the United States and Vietnam
  • Why she is excited about returning to Vietnam
  • What she’s been up to in between moving from New York City to Saigon
  • One of the most interesting reflections after having lived in the United States for six years
  • Decision-making processes and how being away from Vietnam and spending time alone has helped her gain more confidence

We also cover how the United States is a model for Vietnam—in good and surprising ways—and how her perspective of the United States changed after living there.

If you’re planning to study abroad or if you’re an Overseas Vietnamese preparing to move/return to Vietnam, this episode is a must-listen.

Enjoy this deep and open conversation with Thao.