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Carolina Botto is Cofounder and CEO of Joinnus, a startup that helps its users find relevant offline activities to join. Carolina and her cofounders (husband and a friend) started the company in 2013 and joined Wayra, a local accelerator (see Episode 10). Carolina initially began her career as an architect before studying in Spain for her MBA.

Carolina and I discuss why she chose architecture as her career, how the idea for Joinnus developed, and why she studied in Spain.

In this encompassing and explanatory interview we discuss:

  • Carolina’s experience working for others and the valuable lessons she learned
  • How “zombies in the streets” influenced her career
  • The opportunity cost of accepting a promotion
  • What it was like entering a new industry without having prior experience
  • The first and biggest events held on the Joinnus platform
  • How the team found its third cofounder
  • The importance of her MBA thesis beyond graduation
  • Some potential future expansion plans

We also cover the decision-making framework that Carolina used, the importance of raw feedback, and why the team expanded to Colombia first instead of México.

If you’re interested in life-changing decisions, starting from scratch, and trusting your intuition then you can’t miss this episode.

Enjoy this spirited and therapeutic conversation with Carolina.